Meet Ms. Stroik Family and Consumer Ed teacher

Meet Ms. Stroik Family and Consumer Ed teacher

Jarret Imlach, Editor

Miranda Stroik, a recent addition to the D.C. Everest faculty is taking over the foods curriculum after the June retirement of Karen Huddleston. 

Ms. Stroik will be teaching all food courses, including Foods I and Food II, Dual Enrollment.   Prior to getting hired at Everest, Ms. Stroik attended University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for her bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Education, and she earned her Masters in teaching. Unlike many who change majors, she stuck with the family and consumer education cluster throughout college. 

   Before D.C. Everest, Ms. Stroik spent three of her years teaching at Sheboygan North High School.

   “For several years, DCE has always had a reputation of innovation and student-centered learning, something that I’ve always wanted to be a part of,” said Ms. Stroik.  “There are several amazing schools in the state of Wisconsin, but DCE always managed to stick out to the crowd and do such amazing things.”

Ms. Stroik looks on as Garret Gelhaus measures out ingredients during a foods lab. Photo by Jarret Imlach.

   With the addition of the new culinary space, it is  now one of few in the state, and the most comparable spaces to those found in the Technical colleges. 

   New to the school this year is the culinary lab. She says the best parts about the lab are “that it provides students the versatile ability to learn skills with equipment that is throughout the culinary arts industry,” said Ms. Stroik. “It also provides students with the opportunity to gain confidence with tools to become more successful in their future endeavors.”

         “Personally, my favorite part of the lab is the open space and gas appliances,” she said. Aside from a new place to teach, Ms. Stroik enjoys teaching foods because “it allows students to be scientific and creative while they learn something new or explore a new passion.”

   When not teaching Ms. Stroik loves to travel.

 “I have mainly traveled throughout the US and Africa, hopefully I will continue to add to my international travel journeys after the Covid-19 pandemic calms down,“ she said.