Athlete of the month: Kayla Piskula


Kayla Piskula at the ready. Contributed photo. Used with permission

Guz Johnson, Reporter



Q: When did you start playing hockey?

A: I started playing hockey 12 years ago, so I was only 6 years old.


Q: What position(s) do you play and why?

A: You can usually find me on offense, I’ve been there my whole high school career, including when I played Wisconsin Selects. However, until that is until recently. Since the playoffs started I have moved back to defense when needed, and other times I’m jumping up in the play just like I would if I was a forward. More than likely you’ll find me at the blue line late in the season though!


Q: What (if any) other sports do participate in?

A: This year I did not participate in any sports. I played volleyball sophomore year but playing hockey all year round doesn’t really allow you time to participate in other sports.


Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: My plans for after high school are still a little bit up in the air. I will likely continue my academic career at the University of Wisconsin Madison. There I will take either the pre-med or pre-nursing track.


Q: Who is your biggest inspiration in, hockey or otherwise?

A: For hockey specifically my biggest inspiration is my cousin Joe. He walked onto Madison as a freshman and then ended up playing the NHL and overseas. He was my inspiration because he wasn’t ever given anything, he worked so hard for everything he got and he founded the love I have for the sport. 


Q: Is there anything you think more people should know about hockey?

A: I think that there is so much more to the sport than what you see in the stands, it’s a constant mental, physical, and emotional battle not to mention the need to change your way of play by the second. It’s a very read and react sport, which is what I think makes it so challenging. Also fun fact, geometry is the key to success in the game