Biden Appoints Diverse Cabinet

Rachel Reinke, Senior Editor

   The 2020 election has brought up a multitude of issues in the American political system, one such issue is diversity in positions of power, especially in the White House itself.

   President Joe Biden made history with his running mate, Vice President Kamala Harris, but President Biden hasn’t stopped there. According to CNN Joe Biden’s cabinet, “if confirmed, will make history as the most diverse group ever to lead federal agencies and advise the nations commander in chief,”.

   With 12 women and five different ethnicities all present, compared to former President Trump’s cabinet, which had only had two women on the date of Trump’s departure, seems astronomically more diverse.

   President Biden said, “I’m going to keep my commitment that the administration, both in the White House and outside in the Cabinet, is going to look like the country.”and while he has come under fire for lack of Asian American representation, the President has made history with some of his appointments.

    Pete Buttigieg the recently approved transportation secretary is the first ever openly gay person to be appointed to any position in a president’s cabinet. Not only was Buttigieg the first openly gay person but he is also a military veteran. Even more, he was one of the last candidates to drop out of the race for the democratic nominee, leaving on March first of 2020.

   Out of his cabinet there is a minority of Asian Americans with there only being three Asian Americans in his cabinet, all of whom are women.

   Another first, which should seem like it shouldn’t be a first but it is, is the appointment of Deb Haaland to be the secretary of the interior. The Department of the Interior handles a multitude of things. Just to name a few are Federal land management and conservation, as well as Native American affairs. The reason Representative Haaland’s appointment to this position was so groundbreaking is because Haaland is the first ever Native American appointed to this position. Along with the fact that she is a woman and a single mother, lends to the fact that she is breaking stereotypes left and right.  

   Writer Simon Moya-Smith, an activist who often speaks out about Native American rights, said, “For many Native Americans, the Department of the Interior has been known as a back-alley haven for shills, thieves and crooked, money-hungry American Indian-hating cronies. But now, we’ll have one of our own stepping in to run the rats out and right old wrongs.”

   Native Americans have been pushed around by the US government for centuries, and Biden appointing someone who understands truly what effect the department of the interior has on people across the country, is a sign of change that Native American people have been asking for.