Covid endings

Caitlin Grisham, editor

     During quarantine the film industry has played a big role in keeping many entertained. With this there has come a new TV Series, and movie cliche. It’s called the COVID ending. 

     A “COVID ending” is when you can tell there should be more to that final season of a show or movie, but it ends abruptly, doesn’t answer all your questions, or doesn’t make sense at all. Sometimes this can be because they can’t film together, and sometimes this is because they were missing key people. Writers getting sick, actors getting sick and being unable to come into film, or having half of a film crew because of social distancing.

    This new movie cliche isn’t the fault of the writers, directors, or producers. It’s just another way COVID19 is influencing our lives. It’s out of our control. Obviously this can get frustrating for the viewers, but it’s also frustrating for the producers themselves. They are unable to have the story they foresaw come to life because of something out of everyone’s control.

    One show that was hugely affected by COVID19 was “The Blacklist” by Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment on NBC. The show was renewed for an eight season that premiered on November 13, 2020. Everything was going fine until near the end of the season. The creators explained how their production was shut down due to COVID19 and they decided to use animation to help complete the season finale. There was a lot of controversy around the development, but it got the job done. It wasn’t the worst animation, but with the time they had to finish the season I would say it was good. Usually with animated shows they have months of planning to prepare, but for “The Blacklist” it was all very last minute because of coronavirus.

   Another example of a COVID ending is from Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” more well known as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” a sitcom from 1996. Netflix’s version of Sabrina is a revamped combination of this and the cartoon from 1999. Season 4 of Sabrina was originally cancelled July of 2020, but brought back later and its final episode aired on Dec. 31, 2020. While COVID19 did not disrupt the filming it was one of the reasons they rushed to finish filming. On top of not being allowed a fifth season and needing to cram what they could into their finale they also had to deal with the rising concern of COVID19 that was not yet an issue, but a rising one. They ended up finishing their filming on Feb. 22, 2020 prior to COVID19 shutdowns.

    Now, the film industry has found some workarounds to the pandemic to make filming a tad easier now while following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines. Only having a certain number of actors and actresses on set, filming them separately when possible, half a camera crew, keeping the set clean, and so on.

    This pandemic won’t last forever, but it’s the norm for us right now. Movie media can’t drop off the face of the earth until it’s over. Hopefully COVID endings will disappear into the depths of history and the only memories we’ll all have of it are from the films and series created during these times.