Student Expectations At Home

Maddie Deicher, Reporter


   For school systems around the country, the second semester of this confusing year is just around the corner and the school administration is looking at the big picture with grades and seeing if virtual classes have drawn an impact on this school year.

   Through communication and overall teamwork, D.C. Everest Senior High School Principal Mr. Rather, and the school staff have been able to calculate the overall grades they have been seeing this year with cohorts A and B.

   “Yeah, we have seen roughly the same amount of A’s and B’s that we typically see but we have seen an increase in our failing grades which is consistent in what we see across the country,” said Mr.Raether  

   Mr. Raether also said if the students are meeting expectations and are still being active in school with being half online  

   “The students are being very successful in our plan, most of our students are learning good grades and students have reported that they actually like the blending environment because they enjoy the extra time to stay on top of things, but I do believe that some students struggle with the blended environment. So from what we know for sure the blended environment works for some but doesn’t work for others,” said Mr.Raether

    The second semester is here and the students are wondering if any changes will be made due to grades overall dropping or kids not doing their work. Mr. Raether and the vice principals sat down and made a conclusion on what will happen.

   “We have been talking about kids who need to come here to the building on their non-cohort days in a scheduled spot to give guided support, and the student council tutoring program has been set up and we have seen kids access that additional support, said Mr.Raether He thinks it is a good thing and teachers are going to provide students with the ability if they are able to Webex into the class from home, or the teacher is going to post a direct lecture onto the Canvas website so students are able to watch lectures and understand better.

   Overall, Mr. Raether and the staff are wanting students to communicate with teachers when they are in school so they can get the most help they can. They are also asking kids to find the best way to self manage their time while being at home and setting up a spot for them to do class. 

   School can be stressful and overwhelming, but setting management from when you’re gonna do homework to when the assignment is due. Setting a plan and having some organization makes schooling a lot easier and less overwhelming.