Mason Bielen, Reoporter

   Students at the DC Everest Senior High recently used a new resource called Transeo. Cohort A students had trouble getting into Transeo, but many of the students who did use it had questions about what it is and what it does. 

   How does Transeo differ from Xello and Career Cruising? Can students expect more ELT’s in the coming semester? And is Transeo worth using if you are a graduating senior? Mrs. Rose Matthiae, Community Partnership Coordinator for DC Everest, has answers to all these questions.

The Transeo Platform is designed for high school students and is a centralized hub where students can go to locate, track, and report participation in meaningful workplace learning and community service experiences,” said Mrs. Matthiae. “For example, students can look for upcoming volunteer events within the community and those sponsored by their DCE club/activity advisors to get involved in.” 

This seems to be something that most students could make good use of, as many colleges take volunteer hours and community service into account when deciding admissions.

As to if ELT would return, Mrs. Matthiae said, “There may be more days in semester two for ACP activities and scheduling.”  However, Mrs. Matthiae added that Transeo is available to students whenever they want to use it. 

“We highly encourage students to seek out community service and workplace experiences and record their hours within the platform,” said Matthiae.
With regards to how useful Transeo is for seniors, Mrs. Matthiae said, “If seniors are undecided about their future and are still looking for experience options, they are certainly available within the platform.”  Additionally, she said it would be good for seniors to upload their service hours, “so the school has a baseline of how many students are meeting the 25+ hours of community service within the Career Readiness criteria.” 

Transeo is likely going to be used for some years to come, so students are encouraged to grow accustomed to it and take advantage of its uses. 

While she likes the Transeo platform, Mrs. Matthiae said if you are a graduating senior who has already decided what you are going to do or what college to go to, there is less of a benefit than a sophomore or junior would get from it.