Few Fans in Stands

Each football player allowed four tickets

Conner McFarlane, Reporter

Four tickets. That’s right four tickets is what each varsity and jv player are allowed to hand out for every game this year to limit the amount of fans in attendance. 

D.C. Everest Varsity Football kicked off the season with a home win over conference opponent Wisconsin Rapids 41-0. One thing that was instantly noticeable was how much less noise came from the fan section at the game. 

With each player only getting four tickets to hand out, what used to be a packed crowd is now about 200-300 people spread out socially distanced across the stadium.

“Very thankfully here at Everest our fans have been great at wearing masks and we have had very limited issues regarding masks so far this year, said D.C. Everest athletic director Mr. James Sekel.

 Mr. Sekel also stated that the decision to limit players to 4 tickets per person actually wasn’t made directly by the school, but by the Wisconsin Valley Conference as a whole.

Although football players have been given four tickets, Mr. Sekel said, volleyball was only allowed two tickets per player (about 60 fans at a game), due to spacing. 

The Wisconsin Valley conference has not made a decision yet on how winter sports like basketball and hockey will look like for fans, but he can assure that fans will be masked still come winter time.