Cohort A/B System Working, says Principal

School experience very different, say students

Carson Casper, Reporter

   Our unique A & B Day System here at the Senior High has given students the opportunity to attend classes in person, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. Everest’s innovative A & B Day System has worked so well that other districts have been considering similar systems. 

 Everest Senior High Principal Michael Raether said, “I think other schools have taken things (involving COVID-19 Protocol) from us and will continue to take things from us.” 

   This shows that the unique system D.C. Everest has implemented is working extraordinarily well, so much so that other districts have been implementing similar systems.  

   While many students, particularly seniors, have commented that the COVID-19 protocols have changed their school experience in a negative way, it is important to remember that it is not permanent and that eventually, the school will return to, or begin to, closely resemble the “normal” routine we all remember.

  “I think it’s a little disappointing. School is a little bit different,” Senior Demitrio Cobarrubias said, about his thoughts on his senior year. “It’s harder to be hands-on [in classes].”

   It would be beneficial for students of other districts to try to convince their own school district to consider the A & B Schedule. It has been proven that students who experience extended periods of time without reliable social interaction can experience depression or anxiety. Having a semester or more of only online classes can afflict students with these struggles. 

 Why our school has still seen positive COVID-19 cases, Mr. Raether said, “If students would, at all times, be masked up, socially distance, wash their hands, and disinfect items before and after each use, we know that we would have the best chance of staying open.” He added that, “Kids are not socially distancing or wearing masks when they are outside of our building.” 

   If students could socially distance, sanitize, and wear their masks (correctly), then our school can stay open and we can continue in-person learning. And, eventually, we can merge the two groups and return to semi-normal schooling.