Fall School Activities Delayed or Deleted?

Jenna Overend, Reporter

High schools across the nation follow traditions of Homecoming to show their school pride. It’s a week-long celebration filled with dress up days, skits, a football game and a dance. Due to COVID-19, many restrictions to keep people safe, the question of homecoming happening for grades 10-12 this year is very slim.

“The Student Council are usually the planners and final word on any themed activities. This year is going to go with what the COVID statistics are,” said D.C. Everest Senior High School principal Mr. Michael Raether. 

School so far has been looking very bland, but Student Council has offered a few ideas and future plans for fun this school year, however.

 “We are still in the planning process of a class war, but we are having a costume contest and having some sort of a spirit week,” said Student Council vice president Taylor Alexander.

Mr. Raether hopes to have a lot of the fun activities pushed to the spring if COVID clears up, which involves the Homecoming football game, dance and parade along with Senior Ball, Senior and Junior prom and Sadie Hawkins. 

Next Spring will hopefully be a good compromise for the current situation, yet it all depends on the significance of COVID.