Parking Stickers Out, Open Campus In -For Now

Madelyn Deicher, Reporter

A number of changes have been made in order to be able to have an in-person school this year due to COVID-19. Since COVID has entered the country, the school and the national health department have been collaborating together to do their best to have an in-school environment. One big change that has happened is the open campus. Students have the freedom to leave during a study hall or lunch. 

Since the start of the school year, students have been wondering if the changes would affect security in any way. Officer Frank Wierzbanowski, DCE high school liaison officer,provides the security that this school needs.

“Open campus creates challenges but that is why we enhanced the use of ID checks coming into the building,” officer “Frank” said.  “I do go around with the golf cart and check the premises for people who are sitting in their cars and not leaving or using drugs or alcohol.”

 Additionally, due to COVID-19, parking stickers have not been mandatory.

“The parking lot is not a big issue that we are worried about. We are more worried about the health aspect of COVID-19 in the building,” said Officer Wierzbanowski.

Dealing with changes can be difficult and stressful, and having an open campus and fewer school days has both positives and negatives.

Junior Kohl LaBarge said, “I like being able to leave early and being able to leave before school ends. But during lunch hour if you’re in a rush it’s hard to enjoy your lunch. And you only got like 30 minutes to leave and wait for your food and come back to school.” 

LaBarge said that he would like to see some changes, however.  “I would personally like to be in-person for the entire five days because I don’t have the motivation to do school work at home cause I get distracted.”

Principal Mr. Raether shared his thoughts on changes and open campus.

 “It has been going very well, kids are working with it well.” He said that the school established the greeter position to know that only kids are coming into the building.  “This is like a trail in a way to see if we would keep the open campus portion of the new changes for our school.”

Mr. Raether said of open campus that, “This has been a request for two years now and we are testing it out this year to see if the students can do it.”

 Another big question students want answers to is if next year time will be added to go and get lunch.

  “Most likely not because if so, we would need to cut it out of classes and then that would be needing to make the day longer.”