Pandemic Not Slowing Music Programs Down

Jarret Imlach, Reporter

Band and Choir students at DC Everest Senior High school are still enjoying music, despite the pandemic, but to do so safely they have had to adjust accordingly. 

Both programs are practicing social distancing and have added additional procedures to protect against the spread of COVID-19. This includes increasing the distance between students and performing in an outdoor environment. 

Band Director Mr. Finnegan has provided some insight into how the band operates under the conditions brought upon by COVID-19. Mr. Finnegan said, “We are socially distancing because additional Aerosol will come out due to the instruments requiring more air.”

When asked about precautions in the marching band Mr. Finnegan said, “Ninety-five percent of the marching band is at least 15 feet apart with the closets being 7.5 feet apart, that group is the percussionist and they wear the masks.”   

“Percussion can also play inside, they have their own mallets and they sanitize the mallets that aren’t theirs,” said Mr. Finnegan. 

The Band and Choir programs overall came down to the senior high schools cohort plan. With the A and B day schedule it has permitted Band and Choir to play outside, with Friday’s as each program’s respective advanced course practice/performance day. 

The Choir is following the same precautionary measures, Choir Director Mrs. Bates said, “We’re just a little over six feet apart outside.” 

Seniors Meagen Wistrom. Sonja Budleski, Grace Woodward, and Dani Rayford agreed as a group, that they are not scared of catching the virus because they’re following the social distancing guidelines.

Students in both programs are passionate about their music and what they do as a whole and are relieved that their program is saved.