Trump or Biden? Who Will Win?

Republican President Donald Trump

Gus Johnson, Reporter

Health care

President Trump has committed to getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. He has already gotten rid of some aspects of it. His plans include an open market for healthcare to promote competitive prices. President Trump plans to cut drug prices by pressuring the drug companies. He also aims to lower insurance premiums

Economy (jobs specifically)

President Trump plans to cut taxes to boost take home pay as well as keep jobs in America partially by giving “made in America” tax credits. He also aims to enact fair trade deals to protect American workers.


President Trump believes in defending our police. He wants to fully fund and hire more police and law enforcement officers. He wants to increase the penalties for assaults on police officers, prosecute drive-by shootings as acts of domestic terrorism, and end cashless bail to keep criminals off the streets during their trials.


President Trump will continue to push for a vaccine for Covid-19 by the end of 2020, so that we can return to our normal lives in 2021. He wants to make it so that people don’t rely on other countries for medical supplies and instead, make them in the United States. He wants to refill necessary equipment stockpiles and properly prepare for any future pandemics.



Democratic Candidate Joe Biden

Leonard Molling, Reporter

       One of if not the most important things for the next president to handle is the COVID-19  pandemic, which if elected, Biden has said he would roll out a national mask mandate, improve contact tracing, and work with states to see that businesses can reopen and stay open safely.  He said he will listen to scientists.  Getting a vaccine and distributing to American citizens is key, so he can enact the Build Back Better plan.

       The Build Back Better plan is Joe Biden’s plan for economic recovery. He plans to create jobs so American families can have the ability to recover from the pandemic. He plans to enforce this plan soon after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.     

       Along with the Build Back Better plan after COVID-19 is settled, he plans to help with post-high school education by improving student success rate and making colleges more inclusive to the middle class. He plans on doing this by providing two years of community college without debt to any hard working individuals. 

       One the issue of guns, he plans increasing gun restrictions and banning assault weapons. He wants to let states decide whether licenses are required prior to buying a gun and makes background checks required. 

       Among other things he plans to add onto the Affordable Healthcare Act. By expanding coverage to Americans with lower incomes he plans to give more Americans access to healthcare. This is opposed to Trump’s plan to eliminate this system and replace it with his own plan.