iOS 14 update

Rachel Reinke, Photo Editor


   Whether you have an iphone or an android you have probably heard about iOS 14 by now. iOS 14 is a landmark update released by Apple, has changed the way many Apple devices look and process. While the most notable would be the iPhone home screen changes, AKA widgets, app covers, and zoom features, apple created several other features across their other devices.

   Along with the features for the iPhone, also major updates have been made for iPad as well.

   For anyone who takes notes on their iPad, or uses an Apple Pencil regularly, this is for you. This new feature is called Scribble which works anywhere you would regularly type. You can write with your Apple Pencil, and Scribble will automatically convert it to hand writing. The Scribble feature also allows you to select and erase by simply circling to select and scratching over it to erase.

  Some updates are crossovers that apply to both iPhone and iPad.

   For those who have multiple ongoing conversations in Messages, or just want the most important people open at a time, you can now pin up to nine conversations for easy access to each conversation. Another Messages update is useful for those who are in group chats. You can now reply to specific messages, and Apple will keep track by marking threads of conversations, while also allowing you to select each individual thread to see only those messages. 

  Another feature for group chat users is the Mentions feature. Users can specifically mention one person in a group chat, and the mentioned name shows up bold and blue so it’s obvious who is mentioned.

A major feature update is one on privacy settings.

   Not only does Apple notify the user when an app is accessing their microphone or camera, now instead of giving an exact location, apple asks the user if they would like to use an approximate location.

   Of course with every major iOS update some app covers have been redesigned, such as the Apple Music and Photos app covers. Apple also has new and more inclusive “Memojis” such as ones with masks, various religious head coverings for men and women, and multiple new skin tones and several new ages options.

   Overall, the new IOS 14 update has made some major changes to the classic iPhone and iPad, that to many, have completely changed the way Apple products are used in everyday life.