Fall sports teams adapt to COVID

Gus Johnson, Reporter

   Covid-19 has changed just about everything in students’ daily lives and fall sports are not excused from that.

   Precautions that are having to be taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have changed how the teams are interacting, practicing, and competing. As of the beginning of the season about 72.5 percent of sports teams were playing in the fall, said the WIAA with the others moving to the spring option. 

   But the one mindset that goes along with any of the teams is that they all want to play.

   “The student-athletes want to play, and the coaches want to see their student-athletes play. From what I have heard and seen is that they will do what is necessary to get their practices and games in,” said D.C. Everest Athletic Director James Sekel. 

   To make sure that they get to play the athletes are taking a lot of precautions.

   Senior football captain Demitrio Covarrubias said, “Football players are wearing masks between drills at practice, and also staying in small groups as much as possible to avoid spread.”

   Cross Country Coach Mr. Seeley said that the cross country team is meeting outside and wearing masks when close and making sure to spread out when running and having masks down. For competitions in all sports athletes, are spread out as much as possible a 

   Mr. Sekel said, “I believe that the protocols are working well. Unlike some other schools, entire buildings or teams have not been asked to pause their learning or seasons. D.C. Everest Senior High School has had some isolated cases and some contact tracing in our school, but it has not been widespread. It is a tribute to our teaching and coaching staffs enforcing the protocols and our students for abiding by the protocols.”

   As for the athletes, they are trying to savor the moments and enjoy this time, a topic that Coach Seeley is really pushing.