Tiktok Status

Sadie West, Editor/Reporter

   Many students enjoy watching Tiktok. Some may glance at the app throughout the day, or even spend hours at a time watching these short videos   

   Tiktok, created in 2016, is owned by the Chinese based company ByteDance. It merged with the well-known app Musical.ly in 2018, which ByteDance bought for $1 Billion. 

   U.S. officials have been concerned that the Chinese owned app may pass on data from the U.S. to the Chinese government. August 1st the Trump Administration decided to ban Tiktok from the App Store/Google Play Store, and eventually from electronic devices completely. This upsets Americans as they try to find a way to keep Tiktok. 

   Consequently, Tiktok filed a complaint in federal court trying to block the ban. U.S. companies, Oracle and Walmart, agreed to make a deal with Tiktok after President Trump approved it. The deal is currently awaiting approval from the Chinese government, and if the deal passes, Tiktok will be renamed Tiktok Global.

   “I do not want it to be removed because it takes up a lot of my free time. About 1-3 hours a day,” said Calvin Griggs, junior. 

   Tiktok encourages everyone to become a creator, and share their ideas through their one-minute videos. There is a feed of videos from the people the person is following, along with a feed that is called “For You” and adjusts to the person’s interests. 

   “I like Tiktok because it shows how much fun and joy you can have in an actual app with new crazy ideas born into people’s mind everyday,” said Gavon Yonker, junior. “This is a platform for people to display who they are in themselves, and it’s special.”

   Despite its widespread popularity, not all users would miss it if the Tiktok deal falls through.

   “I wouldn’t really care if it was removed because I have other social media,” said Natalie Costa, junior. Still, Costa said she likes watching the videos, which she typically spends an hour in the morning watching.  “I do post videos of my sport,” she said, but not often.

  According www.omnicoreagency.com, to as of a February, 2020, 41 percent of Tiktok user ages are from 16 to 24 years-old. Tiktok boasts 800 million monthly users