Dance Competition

Rachel Reinke, Reporter

   Sports revolve around competition from regional to state competition, the ultimate goal is to be the best a team or individual can be.

   D.C.Everest Dance team members have taken this season to new heights with 2nd place awards in both Pom and Kick competitions. Kick is a jazz type routine where the team must complete a certain amount of kicks during the routine, the judges look at the kicks, technique, kick height, and emotion whereas in the pom routine judges are looking at the teams formations, skills, difficulty of said skills, and showmanship.

   Team captain, senior Tina Wilke said, “We placed second in both kick and Pom, and beat our number one competition Franklin, we have worked hard all season and are we are so proud of the outcome.”

 Franklin Dance team in previous years has been state champions in Pom and has made it to nationals, but this year the Everest Dance team overcame their rival placing 2nd above Franklin’s 3rd. 

    Achieving a feat not reached in recent years means something must have been different for Everest dance this season.

  “Last year we did really good during the regular season and we rode that high to the state competition, and that’s why I think we did better this season, we had a slower season and had to work harder to get to states,” said junior Kaylee Rajek.

   The returning athletes are already thinking about next season, and what they are doing to make next season even better than this previous season.

   Junior Kennedy Christianson said, “As a junior I know that my class as seniors next year are more motivated than ever to get the first place title.”

   Fellow teammate, Grace Peterson, junior, echoes Christianson. 

  “Our success will be a big motivator to continue working hard and pushing to be our best. We were so close to first place, so we know that if we continue working hard, success is within our reach,” said junior Grace Peterson.