Kobe Bryant

Cooper Bradfish, Reporter

   Following the passing of not only one of the greatest basketball players, but an American hero and global icon, the community is left still processing the tragedy. 

For Kobe Bryant, he became a household name through his basketball talent and laundry list of accomplishments. 

“Without a doubt, he is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and someone who truly defined hard work,” said senior Colton Edens, who has followed Bryant and his team the Los Angeles Lakers since his youth.

Not only was it Laker fans, but all sports fans alike, recognize his greatness.

“His ability to takeover games and score at elite levels was special and entertaining and even if I wasn’t a Laker fan, which I was not, I could still appreciate how good he was and the impact he was having om the league as far as fans,” said sports and history teacher, Mr. Christopher Hansen, “I mean, um, there’s Kobe [Bryant] fans all over the world, which is impressive. When you span as big as he did, you know you’re doing something right.”

What many people believe set Bryant out from others is his influence on an entire generation of youth.

Bryce Dobbe, senior, said, “It’s obviously tragic for the families and for the fans because of what he did for the game of basketball and in life, but it wasn’t until now that me and so many others are realizing how influential he’d been to my liking of basketball.”

Multiple weeks later people across the globe are still struggling with the passing of Bryant, that to many, seemed unimaginable. 

“When I began to see more and more credible sources coming with information it became surreal,” Edens said in describing his initial reaction to the tragedy. “We see people like Kobe, legends, as almost invincible, untouchable by anything. But it has been becoming more common to see huge celebrities and icons dying without warning. It shows that although we think of them as untouchable, they are indeed human.”

Like the rest of the world, Mr. Hansen could not believe it either and shared the moment he found out, “I saw it on my phone and then I immediately had to read and find out because I was like no way, like I was actually shocked, like is this real?”