Basketball season review

Nolan Hoppe, Reporter

   For the first time since the 2011-2012 season, the D.C. Everest Varsity boys basketball team looked to make magic happen after clinching the conference title, as well as a long playoff run, but it was not in the cards.

   With an eight year drought of deep playoff success or a conference championship, D.C. Everest’s Varsity Basketball team seemed poised to make a run after the elusive Conference Championship was secured on Friday Feb. 21 with a 86-75 win over the Merrill Bluejays. And with ten seniors seems to come a certain drive above all others to win each and every game. This has shown throughout the season.

   After a tough loss to Stevens Point by merely eight points, the boys came rumbling back to beat the leading team in the conference at the time, Marshfield, by 24 points, and Stevens Point by five as well in the span of the same week. 

   “We expect a great finish to our season. We believe we can beat any team we will play,” said senior guard, Cade Sivertson, prior to playoffs beginning.

   The season Sivertson is referring to, however, didn’t for the Evergreens end on Feb. 27, the last regular season game of the year. 

   “Our end goal this year is to go out as conference champs. And try to win every game in the playoffs and make it all the way to Madison. My end goal is to give it my 110% effort so I have no regrets when it’s all said and done,” said senior guard Bryan Halambeck.

   This thought process and mentality, however, is not singular, but is relayed and seems to be the entire team’s end goal. The entire team is also anything but a group of strangers. Ten seniors stacked this year’s team and with that came a gel and feeling of togetherness that comes maybe only once in a decade.

   “Being a senior, we have more of a drive because our whole team is seniors, so I think we wanna play well for everyone on the team. Plus I think that we have the most that I’ve played with,” said senior guard, Ethan Ostrowski. 

   Although the story of the 2019-2020 D.C. Everest basketball team concluded Saturday, March 7 in a nail biting loss against the Chippewa Falls Cardinals, this season was anything but a bust. A Conference Championship showed the resiliency and togetherness of this team that will not soon be forgotten.