Make A Wish helps make a student’s dream come true

Nolan Hoppe, Reporter

   From what first began as a wish is soon to become a reality for Lucas, an elementary school student and avid Brewers fan here at D.C. Everest. 

   D.C. Everest as well as the Wausau West DECA chapters have teamed up over the course of the winter to help Lucas’ dream come true.

   “Lucas is able to go to the Brewers spring training in Arizona, which was his wish,” said Junior DECA advisor, Emma Footit in a recent interview with Jet. 

   DECA has taken multiple strides in helping Lucas go to Spring training, and in a recent video sent to Lucas during an Evergreen – Warrior basketball game, showed Brewers’ manager Craig Counsell inviting Lucas to spring training in Phoenix, Arizona to help him make calls on the field, and hang out with the players.

   “We worked with Wausau West DECA to create Swish for a Wish, but there are also smaller fundraisers like Mr. Evergreen that Everest is working on alone. We are still donating that money to Lucas and Make-A-Wish,” said Footit. 

   D.C.E DECA also created a campaign before the holiday break spreading a letter writing campaign for Santa.

   “We had the school district write letters to Santa that went to the Make-A-Wish foundation (not Lucas specifically), we are donating the profits from Mr. Evergreen to Lucas, and we are also planning on doing a penny war,” said Footit.

   Through The Make a Wish Foundation and the DECA chapters of DCE as well as Wausau West, Lucas will be able to live out his dream of meeting the Brewers, but without the multiple donations of the student body and those within the community, this may not have been possible.