New Chinese III Course

Cooper Bradfish, Reporter

   A few years after adding Mandarin Chinese to the classes offered, a new level of the language has been presenting students with unique challenges to allow students to expand their use of the language. 

   Chinese I and II offer students the opportunity to learn the basics of the language, now with the addition of Chinese III students can begin to focus on deeper uses of the language. 

   “By Chinese III, we have built up a solid platform of vocabulary and structures, and students can now begin to be more actively creative, communicate more spontaneously, and have more writing and speaking projects to demonstrate their language output,” said Chinese teacher Mrs. Sara Bailey. 

   After being only a semester in to the new course Mrs. Bailey understands there will be obstacles with the pace of the class and other  related challenges, however with the help and willingness of the students these “bumps” are easily avoidable. 

  “I have a great group of students, and have encouraged feedback on pacing,” said Mrs. Bailey.

   Along with managing the pace of the new course Chinese III focuses on creative ways to learn the language, rather than the traditional textbook route. 

   “I do not use a textbook and have created all my class materials, and teach through storytelling,” said Mrs Bailey on the nature of the course, “I have tried to ensure that the content provided remains engaging and meaningful for students.” 

   Students also recognize the opportunity at hand, Senior Jacob Nelson said, “I think Chinese III at Everest is extremely fun because it’s not only about Chinese culture, history, and politics too.”