Junker of the Month-Mason Grzywacz


Morgan Koehler

Mason Grzywacz next to his 1994 Toyota Cameron. Photo taken by Morgan Koehler, used with permission.

Morgan Koehler, Editor

  • Car information
    • Year
      • 1994
    • Make
      • Toyota Cameron
    • Mileage
      • 175,399 miles
  • What is wrong with the car
    • Door handles on the left side are broken, so Grzywacz has to get in through the doors on the passenger’s side
    • Bumper is held up by duct tape
      • The previous owner hit a tree
    • No left blinker
    • No muffler
      • Sounds like a train
    • Half a windshield wiper
      • One does not work, and the other is falling apart
    • Blinker switch fell off and is hanging by wires, so Grzywacz has to use his finger to turn on the blinker
    • No air conditioning
    • It takes half an hour to warm up the car
    • The gas cover door does not close
    • The door handle on the inside of the driver’s door has snapped off
    • Radio is staticky
    • No tread on the tires
    • Needs to turn over to start when cold
      • If Grzywacz starts driving before the car is warmed up, the car will shut off after 10 mph
    • Frame is cracked in the back, so the body is not fully connected
      • When he turns, the back wiggles a bit
    • Hit a coyote at 60 mph once
    • Went into a ditch two days in a row
    • Does not trust it going over 80 mph
  • Why does Grzywacz still have the car?
    • He is saving up for a new car, and he has to pay for it himself