Tech Education Renovations

Nolan Hoppe, Reporter

   With the growth of interest comes a growth of want, and a certain need for new technology. With the 6.9 million dollars through the referendum, 436 thousand dollars through donations, and an extra 1.1 million dollars towards ventilation units D.C. Everest school district recently been awarded, that need for new technology has been, in many eyes, met through the new horizons the D.C. Everest Tech Education department will be able to discover through new equipment.

   “I think the most exciting thing is to be able to bring current technology into our department. We haven’t been able to do that before because we haven’t had the facility and we didn’t have the equipment, and now we have both,” said Mr. John Glynn, a tech education teacher. 

   “I think it’s the ability to bring current technology to our students so that they can be prepared for current jobs, and can get excited about each of these industries, because we are highlighting several different industries here and now we’ve got a little bit of a wow factor that we’ve never had before. Students walk to this window and they go “Wow! Look at that!” And that was kinda the goal, if we can’t get them to “wow”, teenagers are hard to impress, we are working hard to make sure we impress the teenagers,” said Mr. Glynn when asked about what he was excited most for regarding the new and improved tech ed. department. Not only does D.C. Everest have new and improved equipment, it has a “Wow” factor. That “Wow” factor is none other than the new Hydroponics Lab.

   “It’s called a vertical farm, there is not one bit of soil in that whole room and you can see those hundreds and hundreds of plants. The closest thing to soil we have there in little plugs of peep moss about the size of my thumb. That’s where we start the seed. Once they get started and transplanted into the towers then there’s basically a recycled plastic matrix and a wick cloth and then we drip nutritive solution down those tubes and the plants pull what they need out of it and then we recycle the water back through and put more nutrients in and send it right back out, so we airaid it, we sanitize it, we fertilize it, and we control the ph and send it right back in to the system so it’s 24 hours a day we have a pump running that secretes that water,” said Mr. Glynn. The technology behind the lab is so great that, D.C. Everest’s is only one of three in that state. The lab, along with the facility being now one of the top tech ed. departments if not the cream of the crop of the state will allow for students graduating high school to be chosen and held higher in these career paths. 

   “Industry right now is recognizing that this is a huge change, and so they are gonna be looking at our students with a different set of glasses when the come and interview it’s like ‘oh, you’re from Everest they’ve got that fabulous new facility’ you know, they already are thinking they are gonna expect better things from our students,” Said Glynn.

   With these renovations will not only come a greater reputation and standard for D.C. Everest’s tech ed. department. It will create an amazing opportunity to not only get ahead, but succeed post-education for those participating in the tech ed. department.