Daybreak Review


Cover of Daybreak, taken from IMDB

Evalyn Hoppe, Reporter

      “Daybreak,” the Netflix original show about life in an apocalyptic world. When in an apocalypse a guide is great to have, the narrator, Josh Wheeler, (Colin Ford) is essentially the guide through what life is like during the apocalypse is. His main goal in the show is finding his girlfriend Samaira (Sam) Dean (Sophie Simnett) and then his goal is for them to run away from everyone together and live happily ever after. First though Josh, just Josh, has to find Sam and survive the apocalypse, and the other kids who have survived. 

   While looking for Sam, Josh meets and saves Angelica Green (Alyvia Alyn Lind) who is a ‘genius with flexible morality,’ along with Wesley Fists (Austin Crute), who was once a well known jock now ‘atoning for his sins on the path to peace’. 

     All the adults have been turned to ghoulies, flesh eating monsters only able to say the last thing they were thinking of, and are attracted by noise and the smell of blood. Radiation from the bomb has also caused animals to develop monster like qualities, but they don’t play as big a role as one might think. 

  Tribes of teanagers make a bigger appearance in the show. Kids form tribes of “Jocks,” “Disciples of Kardashia,” “Highland Park Donut Hos,” “Gamers, Cheermazons,” “STEM Punks.” Even the 4-H Club makes an appearance. The Jocks by far are their biggest issues. Their leader Turbo (Cody Kearsley) gathered all the jocks into one tribe. Josh’s problems revolves around the head jock Turbo who has a superiority complex, and tries to hunt Josh  down because Turbo feels as though he was beaten by Josh.     

    The Daybreak is also told like a vlog, where people explain what they are doing and why, the characters talk to the camera and the style is almost like a comic book, with pop up words and effects. Styles like this give a deeper understanding of the characters, but the style can also confuse people when it doesn’t line up with the story. 

   The show gets an eight out of ten.