DECA Members’ Individual Projects

Cua Vang, Reporter

The month of December is filled with many fun activities for school. DECA’s advisor, Mrs. Jodi Peterson has class project for all her students to create and manage their event or make an idea happen. Their projects range from making business to spreading awareness about community issues. Each student took their time to diligently think of an idea and work to make it a reality. 

Sophomore, Libby Lampkin’s impactful project is an interactive path for special education. Her plan involved painting a fun and educational hopscotch. She first contacted Mountain Bay, a local elementary school to ask for permission to make her project on their floor. Lampkin’s mom helped her throughout this process. “The difficulties with my project included the extra costs, having to restart because of minor mistakes arouse, and finding the right time to do everything because it’s winter and that causes the floors to be wet. In the end, we got everything done and I’m happy about the outcome,” said Lampkin. 

Annabelle Shern, sophomore, had the idea to create awareness about textile waste and youth. She asked her peers to create clothing from textile waste and is making a fashion show to broadcast their work. When she was a kid, “Growing up, a lot of people in my family say there is so much waste, so I want to see my family’s reaction to my project about youth designers using textile waste,” she said. 

A Knockout for Cancer Dodgeball Tournament took place Dec.13, hosted by seniors, Carsen Colasacco and Evan Gartzke. The two wanted to spread awareness towards cancer and wanted it to be fun. The process had difficulties because they needed a place to set up the dodgeball tournament. Renting the Greenheck gym was nearly impossible due to its constant use, but they successfully rented it in advance. 

Junior, Emma Radies project focuses on helping humane societies. Radies sought food donations for dogs in need it. She started out with a bake sale to earn money. Student Council had lent a helping hand during the it. Radies’ goal is to contact business to include her idea by marking boxes for dog food donations.

Brady Marten, junior, is already a successful businessman, owning a fishing store called Mable Bates fishing store. He had already made this business previous to the project and he continued it. Marten didn’t have high expectations. It’s grown to be more than I thought it ever would. I made lots of money on my own,” he said. He grew passionate in the end after seeing what he could accomplish.

More juniors who are working as a trio, Landon Mezei, Justin Reimer, and Ben Adams have a running business already as well. Their business is making hats specifically visors. They came up with this idea together, everyone contributing a piece.

Projects from seniors include, Alex Birkenmeier and Colby Schmitt. Whose goal is to spread awareness for the Marathon County Humane Society. They created shirts and stickers. The stickers were made with fellow classmate, Maisie Gelhar. This idea started from the fact Schmitt sister had a dog, and it passed away not too long ago. As a sort of tribute. Over half of the shirts they made were sold. 

Senior Maisie Gelhar her scrunchies making. Everything started up last November, she said. Starting her business was difficult because investments had to be made, so it was very costly, plus getting the word around about her business, and she has a very busy life, being a student, and athlete at the time. Slowly, but surely, it took off with the aid of her supportive parents and friends. Gelhar spread the word on social media such as Facebook and made a website. Now she is handling everything independently. The making of scrunchies, delivering them, and doing the taxes for her business. 

A final pair of seniors, TJ Knutson and Diego Sanchez have a business called Golden Values, promoting anti-bullying through shirts. Their shirts say “strength” in Chinese, it’s located on the front and arm of the shirt. When asked what strength meant to them they said, “Strength, it defines who you are.” Both of them came up with the idea. 

These projects and businesses are more than just a grade to these students. They provide awareness on various issues to the community.