Athlete of the Month-December


Photo of Beleni Mandli

Nolan Hoppe, Reporter

Beleni Mandli


Q: So how long have you been Swimming

A: For about nine years, a little bit over nine.


Q: What swims do you compete in?

A: The freestyle and the backstroke.


Q: How do you stay motivated throughout the entire swim season and the offseason?

A: Especially this year we focused a lot on our team bonding, and trying to win conference so that really pushed us, also beat to SPASH this year.


Q: What’s your favorite part about the swim team, and swimming?

A:This year I think our coach made it a really good environment for us, so we were mentally healthy, and it was really fun just being all together.


Q: What were your emotions making State?

A: Cried a little bit, you know we were so over filled with joy because this was my first year actually competing at WIAA State, where the others I’ve been alternates.


Q: What else are you involved in at school?

A: I’m in Mock Trial and I manage the Boy’s swim team


Q: What are your plans following this school year?

A: I am going to the tech to do pre-nursing from there probably Madison to get my BSM.


Q: What have you learned in swimming that will help you in life beyond high school? 

A: Pushing your limits and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.