China Trip Deferment

Morgan Koehler, Editor

   Mrs. Bailey, the Mandarin teacher at D.C. Everest Senior High, sent an email to all students and parents participating in the trip to China that she had been planning for several months.

   In her email, she said that two students had dropped out of the list in the last two weeks, bringing their numbers down to nine students going on the trip. Nexus Holidays, the host of the trip, said they could run it on nine people. However, Mrs. Bailey did not want to risk more students dropping out of the trip in the next six or seven months before the group flew out to China.

   She decided to defer the trip one year. Instead of going to China in June of 2020 as she had originally planned, students will have the chance to go in 2021 instead.

   Trips out of the country are usually announced two years in advance to allow students and families to save money. However, students were only given one year to save up for China. Now, students can save money if they wish to go in 2021.

   For more information, see Mrs. Bailey in room 332.