Art, Music, and Technology

Khiana Bradshaw, Reporter

The importance, meaning, and ways that Art and Music are being done is being completely taken over by technology. 

The importance of art changes when it is done digitally versus traditionally. People tend to peg traditional styles of art as not as important as digital art because traditional art does not look as good, clean, and colourful as digital painting. With traditional painting, the artist can not go back and simply undo a mistake, they have to be careful of how they do things and how much colour they use, and traditional painting takes much longer than digital painting. 

With digital painting, you can undo anything you like. You have all the colours in the world at your fingertips with only a small fee of the subscription needed to use the painting app. There doesn’t need to be full bands anymore when you have all the instruments you would need at the touch of a button.  All music needs these days is a singer and a few repeating electronic instruments and bam, a song is complete. 

With technology, there is no true talent when it comes to art and music. No one needs to learn to draw in different styles when they can just trace and no one needs to learn different instruments when they can just find them all on a music maker app. Technology honestly needs to slow down. With all the new technology, we are losing our natural lives.