Respect Goes Both Ways

Caitlin Grisham, Reporter

        Respect is a common subject between media, work environments, and schools. Aimed mainly towards students, and teens, or more recently, Millennials and Gen Z. Saying that we are disrespectful, but respect goes both ways. 

       Teachers and adults deserve respect. Teachers deserve respect because they work hard every day to make lesson plans for us and to keep the classroom functioning.

        When it comes to respecting adults, it is generally expected for them to receive respect, but the way that some teachers have been treated by their students have put other students on edge. 

       Other students can see that students don’t have respect for their teachers in numerous ways:  airpods in when they are teaching, putting them back in after they have been talked to numerous times for doing it already; lying about not being on their phones and iPads when teachers teach, doing things on their iPads after the teacher has taken their phones away, and then calling the teachers rude names after class because they didn’t listen to the instructions. 

        Student-to-teacher respect is important to help keep the classroom orderly, and make it so everyone can learn. Even if a student doesn’t enjoy school, others do, so why would you take their opportunities away from them? 

        Teachers are people too, with feelings and a life outside of the students they teach. They can get depressed or upset with how their students treat them just like students when teachers mistreat them. 

          It’s their job to help us learn, and grow so we may access higher education and enjoy future success. Why make their job more difficult and complicated not only for you but them by disrespecting them? 

      Likewise, teacher-to-student respect is needed as well to keep students positive about learning. Disrespect puts in the students’ heads that they will forever be treated like this, and there is no point in trying to succeed. 

       Constant disrespect could lead to suicidal thoughts, depression, self-harm, or worse. Students all receive everything differently. We are all our own individuals, meaning that each student, or teacher perceives situations differently. One’s anxiety, tone of voice, or self consciousness, may look or feel different to another. 

      Making a student feel like they are nothing will not help them with their learning or self esteem either. A teacher’s job is to help and encourage students not to scare them into submission and making them listen. 

      If one does not treat their students with respect then they will not be treated with respect back. A saying taught in kindergarten is, “to treat them as you want to be treated,” meaning if someone is disrespectful to their students their students will be disrespectful back.

       Respect is a skill one needs to succeed in the real world which is why it should be applied both ways in a school environment.