D.C. Everest has new E-Sports Team

Nolan Hoppe, Reporter

   Pastimes are a large part of each person’s life. For most everyone they are  different and each unique itself, a new pastime has graced D.C. Everest high school, ESports is the new wave.

   “When I was little a got the Wii, Mario Kart is what got me into playing video games,” said Senior boy Garrett Zinser. 

   “I eventually moved to the XBox, and then later I began gaming on a computer, and that brought me towards competitive gaming.”

   Not only Zinser, however has thrown himself through interest and skill into the competitive gaming world, but gaming with the creation of Fortnite two years ago, seemed to usher in a new generation of gamers competitively, as well as for entertainment. 

   The gaming world saw something new, a possibility for anyone with the skill level to be able to compete with the world’s best Fortnite gamers in the Fortnite “World Cup”, and get a chance at the previously set $30,000,000 in July of 2019.

   “I started committing to it when Fortnite announced the World Cup because it was a way for everyone to have a chance to succeed without having a giant spotlight on them,” said Zinser.           With the announcement and commencement of Fortnite allowing high stakes competition to the public this has brought a competitive gaming community into the life of any one who seeks competition, and with that ESports will continue to grow, and grow. 

   Growth that is already being shown within the gaming community is the creation of an ESports team within D.C. Everest. D.C.E. teacher Mrs. Jennifer Gipp has been at the forefront of the creation of the team.

   “I had students talk to me about it. We looked into it a little bit more and there is a Wisconsin ESports league that some local schools play, so we decided to look further into that one.” Said Gipp. 

   “Starting January 15th is gonna be day one of the Spring Semester, it’s held for eight weeks in a row.”

   A community and sports world that continues to grow as shown even on the educational level has, however, always been scrutinized for being nothing more than a lackluster hobby.

   “For some they can see it like that, but people don’t recognize that there is actually a giant community out there, and there is actually potential to make money, and a career possibly,” Said Zinser. 

    Gaming has opened up a new world to many, the way that main stream sports have allowed the entire world to socialize as well as do the thing the love most with those they are closest to. ESports is just that. Another sport that soon will be realized as just that.