Disney+ Review

Eve Hoover, Reporter

   The Walt Disney Company started in a small office in 1923 by Walt Disney and his brother Roy. Disney’s first popular film was “Snow White”, which was an overnight sensation. From there, Disney productions slowly became more popular over the years.

   After many years of coming out with TV shows and different movies, Disney decided to create an app to hold all of these productions. 

   Disney recently came out with an app called Disney+ that allows viewers to watch Disney shows and movies. 

   Disney+ came out on Tuesday, Nov. 12. The app surpassed 10 million subscribers on the launch date. 

   Subscribers are able to stream on four different devices at once, and also features unlimited downloads that can be watched later offline. The app also offers commercial-free viewing, closed captioning, support for other languages, descriptive audio, and navigation assistance. 

   Disney+ allows viewers to watch Disney animations, Disney live action, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and documentary films. Family-friendly content is a primary focus for the streaming service. 

   At launch, the Walt Disney Company stated its goal is to compete with Netflix. Costs for Disney+ are considerably lower than the prices of Netflix subscriptions. But, the prices over time may change as the Walt Disney Company is known to raise prices often. 

   Pros of Disney+ are the affordable prices, a 7-day free trial, no contract, no commercials, works on most devices, available without cable, good selection of content, great for kids, and many exclusive original shows and movies. 

   Cons include the smaller library compared to other streaming networks, movies will be in theaters for months before being released on Disney+, and the possibility of a price change. 

   Disney+ has only just been released, so there is some room for improvement with the app. Overall, Disney+ is an app for subscribers to relive their childhood, and experience a whole new world.