Cassidy Jansen

Sadie West, Reporter

  Cerebral Palsy is a disorder which primarily affects parts of muscles in the body. This usually happens from something happening during development within the womb. Around 10,000 babies are born each year with Cerebral Palsy, according to the Cerebral Palsy Guidance website. 

  Cassidy Jansen, senior, has been trying to create awareness about Cerebral Palsy. Jansen has had CP her whole life and is trying to raise awareness about it with her website and book. She soon hopes to turn her website into a blog.

  “It explains what I’m doing, my ideas for the future,” Jansen said. 

  She hopes to open a non-profit daycare for children with Cerebral Palsy, adding a library with books she has written about disabilities. Staff members there would be people who can do special aid and medical stuff for the children. 

  “Say there’s a kid with a feeding tube, and they just happen to be there when they need it changed. I wouldn’t be comfortable trusting the normal staff to do that, I would want someone with some type of medical experience,” Jansen said.

  Jansen currently has a donation link on her website to help get her book published. Her book is about her life, but also has information about her disability in it. She wants to get the word out about her disability.