Shawn Sullivan of NTC visits sophomores

Cua Vang, Reporter

During the last years of high school students decide if they are going to college or not and after that where do they want to go. North Technical College, also known as NTC, is one of the many college options. Shawn Sullivan, a director from NTC came to D.C Everest Senior High and he spoke to the new sophomores about NTC.

Sullivan has touched based with many other schools, showing the many opportunities out there in NTC. 

“I think the message is important for all ages and I’ve enjoyed meeting students from around the region,” said Sullivan. The relevance of his information even for those who don’t have an exact grasp on the future such as young middle schoolers is still a good topic to bring up.

When interacting with his audience he likes to incorporate subjects that include them. He used the line, “Okay boomer,” to grab the attention of the students. Beforehand he used tried this line on his 16 year old daughter, her reaction resulted in the eye roll, so he thought he would try it on us. 

Sophomore Daemon Lee said, “It was kinda funny when he said “okay boomer.” 

It was out of nowhere so it made it even funnier.” 

caught my attention making me want to hear more of what he has to say.”

The inspiration behind his actions is just the love of his work. 

He said, “I truly love what I do. I have the privilege of working for a first class college and with some amazing students and staff everyday and I get to make a difference in everything I do at NTC.” Being involved is the type of work he loves because he gets new experiences everyday. 

Heather Strom, sophomore, said, “My impression of him was  someone who 

really cared for the future generations. He made really good points about required skills for our future careers.”

Overall Mr. Sullivan believes that the growth of students is very important and 

being able to help students succeed is very important and enriching to see. “Everyone has a place somewhere no matter what path you 

take in the near future. In NTC we have students just taking class here and there. We have students who are looking into the workforce right away and we have students that are looking to transfer to one of our four year partners and receive a bachelor’s degree. Every day at NTC I see students who are making their dreams come true and that is so rewarding,” he said.