TikTok Song “Season’s Greetings”

Caitlin Grisham, Reporter

      “Seasons Greetings” is a song written and sung by Linneah, has spread like wildfire across Tik Tok. But, there is a much bigger story behind this song.

      Linneah created the song (what) of her relationship with her ex-girlfriend three years ago. Linneah talks about her relationship with her girlfriend going south as she is manipulated by her ex and her brother.“They always tried to control me with money,” Linneah said.

        The relationship that lasted six years ended because Linneah caught her girlfriend cheating on her with her brother, and she suspects the affair had been going on long before she caught them. 

       After she caught them they left her homeless and broke, which led to her having to give up her dog, and bring them back to a shelter.

       She went through many different issues after ending her toxic relationship, such as: PTSD, nightmares, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addiction and insomnia. 

      Linneah wrote “Seasons Greetings” to not only get back at her ex slightly, and vent her feelings, but also so that she could donate 100% of profits to different charities. The main charity MyHonestAnswer, is a website dedicated to advice that ranges from different forms of relationship advice to financial advice.

      Linneah says, “I want something that almost ruined my life to help me change the world,” and “Let’s change the world together and make a horrible situation into a beautiful one!” 


         You can support and help Linneah reach her goal by helping her song go viral. By using the song on TicTok, following her TicTok, sharing her story to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, listening to the song on YouTube, and Spotify.

        For more of Linneah’s story and updates visit her TicTok @linneahmusic.