What is True Feminism?

Caitlin Grisham, Reporter

       A lot of stigma surrounds what true feminism is. The true definition of feminism is “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men,” according to Dictionary.com. 

      But, as feminism has grown, it has changed. It is not only female rights that are being fought for. It is defending everyone’s rights so that everyone is equal no matter the gender, race, sexuality, or disabilities. It’s equality for everyone. 

        Feminism is trying to break the stigma that only one side can be mistreated or shamed. An example of this is that not only women are abused or raped, that men are too, and to make sure that they both have the proper resources and places available to get help.

      People usually turn a blind eye to these victims’ cases, shunning them, and, or, calling them liars and attention seekers when only two out of every hundred cases are false accusations. This is also commonly hidden under the radar and nobody gets justice in these cases; or, the offender gets away with three months in prison, and they get parole a few weeks later. 

        The true purpose of feminism is to break the stigma that women are fragile creatures that will break just by touching them, and that men have to be strong and handle things by themselves.

        Sadly, small groups of individuals have made feminism look bad and corrupt. Many people call these individuals feminazis. The definition of a feminazi is an extremist, or misandry, which is the “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e. the male sex)”. They are not really feminists at all. 

        These feminazis use feminism as a stepping stool to make women more important than men, and that men are always in the wrong, when that is simply not true. 

        This small group of people don’t abide by the true definition of feminism. Just like any subject, group, or movement, there will always be extremists. Do we let them truly define the entire group? Or, do we educate people on what the true meaning is? 

        Take Hitler for example. Did we define all Germans by the actions of one, or a few? No. That wouldn’t make sense. So why does the public do it for feminism.