Winter Casual

Cooper Bradfish, Reporter

   Student Council decided to put on a school dance, one that’s a bit different from others, known as the “Winter Casual”, this one’s for a cause. 

   Recently, it was brought to Student Council’s attention that the school’s food pantry was running low on donations following Thanksgiving. With another holiday approaching, they took it upon themselves to help the cause by creating a dance that sent all proceeds to the food pantry.

   “Student Council’s mission is to benefit the welfare of our student body and community, so having a dance that helps raise funds for our school’s own students and families fits well into that vision,” said Student Council President William Vraney. 

   However, with the donation of all proceeds came questions of how to pay for expenses. Local businesses were the solution, supporting the cause and donating. 

   Student Council also decided to deviate from the classic formal dance towards a more casual approach.

   “[Student] Council decided on a neon theme for this year,” Vraney said, “Dress will be far more relaxed in comparison to other school dances, as students can blend in by simply wearing a neon t-shirt.”