My Chemical Romance is Back

Aliya Surti, Reporter

   2,414 days.  

   That’s how long My Chemical Romance fans waited for a reunion.  Since March 22, 2013 when the infamous breakup tweet first went out until Oct. 31, 2019 when the official instagram posted for their return tour.  

   The post included a link to a Dec. 20 concert in Los Angeles, California.  However, the tickets were sold out in under five minutes, leaving many fans heartbroken over not getting a chance to see them at their reunion concert.

   “Although I’m not a huge My Chem listener, a few of my friends are, so I’m very excited along with them,” sophomore Abby Hayes said.  “It’s a huge event in the music industry.”

   Even with the delight many fans have had over their tour, some people have said they don’t care about them anymore or that they are waiting for another breakup.  

   “I personally don’t agree with them reuniting. They’re just getting fans excited for them to fall apart again,” sophomore Hailey Panzer said.  

   Moreover, the next week introduced the beginnings of a world tour with countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.  Special guests for the tour include Jimmy Eat World, Midnight Youth, and Miss June.  

   General admission for the Los Angeles show are $150 on resale ticket sites.  

   Some fans have said that it had to have been 2019 that they reunited, with 2018 bringing Fall Out Boy’s Mania, Trench by Twenty One Pilots, and Panic! at the Disco’s Pray for the Wicked.  Along with My Chemical Romance’s album Danger Days, released in 2010, based off of lead singer Gerard Way’s comic books taking place in 2019.

   Youtuber Frank Gioia, Crankthatfrank, said that the only way for 2019 to be more emo than 2018 was for MCR to return. 

   In June, Joe Jonas appeared on United Kingdom’s KISS FM Breakfast show where he spoke about the band returning.  

   “My Chemical Romance apparently were rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which I thought they broke up, so I don’t know,” Jonas said.  

   However, My Chemical Romance’s guitarist, Frank Iero, quickly responded to the comment Jonas made on the Zach Sang Show.  

   “I don’t understand why you would do an interview about your band and talk about someone else’s band,” Iero said. 

   On Nov. 17, the official Instagram posted a picture of the four members, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, and Ray Toro, sitting in a circle with a drum set and guitars behind them.  Fans have started raising the questions of an album drop before the tour.  

   The website also started selling merch on their official website.