DECA Make a Wish

Aliya Surti, Reporter

   DECA works to make a wish come true for a Schofield boy.  DC Everest and Wausau West DECA are fundraising for a Schofield boy to attend spring training with the Brewers.  

   Lucas has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer that limits the body to fight infections.  Treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, and stem-cell transplant. Lucas has used his Make-A-Wish for spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers in March.  

   Money will be raised during the boys and girls basketball game on Dec. 20 at Wausau West High School during half time.  10 Everest students will compete in a free throw competition against ten Wausau West students. Each DECA sponsor will also donate $10 per shot made for up to 25 shots.  

   “I think it’s a great opportunity,” DECA president Emma Footit said.  “Working with another school is a good opportunity for networking, and since it’s a ‘rival’ school, it’s fun to come together to raise money.”