Marine Physical Training, is it worth it?

Evalyn Hoppe, Reporter

   Honor, respect and service to this country are reasons people join the military as well as future opportunities. Often times future opportunities can be expensive and they can have people paying off debt late into their lives. Many people have found a way to avoid that by going into the military. People have chosen this path for their future not only to pay for education, but also the respect and life skills they earn along the way.

   People can be detoured by the fact that it is very hard and it takes a lot of work and training. That is one of the reasons why Physical Training (PT) is put in place. It helps people get prepared mentally and physically. PT is for all of the branches.    

   Matt Stanley, senior is proof of this. He wants to go into the Navy to be a Navy Seal, and it has been his goal since middle school. His recruiter told him about PT. once a week and he decided to go.

   “Don’t be afraid. It’s not scary once you get there,” Matt Stanly senior said.

   For all branches it is open to everyone and it is free. After going for a while, Stanley said that he has grown a lot, not only physically but also mentally. One of his biggest fears about going in is not making it, but he believes, because of how great of mentors he had, and with how hard he’s been working for it mentally and physically, he is confident that he will be able to make it. 

His biggest piece of advice for people who want to join and go to PT. Hard work will prepare you and the people leading PT are there to help you succeed.

   Sergeant Sandoval, who became a Marine and was first stationed in Hawaii, stayed there for a little over four years, and went to PT before he actually was recruited. Going with his brother during his first time for him was still intimidating because of how the Marines portray themselves. Once he got to boot camp, the hardest thing for him wasn’t the work out, but waking up in the morning. Taking charge of that day was one of the harder things, but what got him going through it was that at the end of the day he would be a better person then when he woke up. Once he graduated boot camp he felt proud.

   “It’s not like graduating high school you know just going through the motions and did what you had to do. You went through some tough times where you had to push forward, and there was a lot of days where you couldn’t see the end result and that was; you know earning the title of being a Marine and a lot of things that you didn’t see too,” Sargent Brandon Sandoval, Marine recruiter said.

   Everything about him changed for the better because he did this, and he served his country as well. During boot camp, though, if someone did something wrong, such as taking too much time to make their bed, then everyone in that persons platoon would be punished, whether it be pushups, running laps, or burpies.

     “ I think the most satisfying moment was when I saw my family and my family saw me cause I didn’t realize I lost twenty plus pounds in boot camp, I didn’t realize that I walked faster, that I ate a little quicker, I stood a little bit taller, because these are changes that you don’t see everyday until somebody actually points them out,” Sargent Brandon Sandoval Marine recruiter, said.

   First thoughts when going to PT generally correlate to them being nervous or afraid once they first go. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of not being to the same leave of physical activity as everyone else, or being embarrassed. Brianna Miller senior is one such person to which this applies.

  “I had butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous. I thought everyone was going to be like super intimidating, but they were just all really nice,” Miller said.

   While these were her first thoughts,  after the workout she realized was how tired she was and how it was very fun and motivating for her. 

   Miller chose the Marines because she wants to be a chemical nuclear radiation engineer. 

   As you can see the Marines is by no means an easy route to take and that is why the few the prows is taken so seriously. Lives are put on the line for your country and going into a branch of the military is by no means an easy way out.