Hit up the clubs around Everest

Evalyn Hoppe, Reporter

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 Powerful strides as you look through your turn, half halting to signal that you’re going to ask something next, the slightest pull of the reigns at your fingertips as you bring them down to a slow gait, stopping on a dime to get the four steps back. Thus the pattern finishes and you walk out of the arena the crowd clapping as you recognize that you just had the best ride of anyone this night, and you smile in satisfaction because that was both of your best rides.

   People who have never experienced horseback riding such as above, it’s an opportunity to ride and for it to happen in a safe learning environment where people advance and build a sense of community.

   Wisconsin Interscholastic Horsemanship Association, WIHA is a club within schools in Wisconsin since 2008, which gives kids an opportunity to ride horses in competition. 

   After 11 years DC Everest School District made an A grade team, consisting of 12 or more people, who all do six classes a day instead of four or five. These classes are the events that people can be in such as showmanship, where you lead the horse on the ground, and English and Western riding where you ride different styles in equitation patterns. 

   DC Everest team has had a low turnout before this year however, low turnout can be seen through other schools as well, Wausau West and Wausau East. They only have about five members each.

   Brenda Bargander, Coach says, “I think we’ve gotten bigger over the last couple of years purely by word-of-mouth-. the kids are having fun and are telling people about it, I think that’s important!”

   Not all clubs that offer great experiences are known by people who would love to have them, and to give them a chance to try something new. It offer up more opportunities, ways to connect with more people who have the same interests. 

   One of these clubs is called Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). does have announcements over the speaker, and it also host some events such as See You at the Pole witch have events that inspire students. Every two weeks at Bethany Church right across the road they have a bible study breakfast and it too has been on the announcements and besides leaders there are only three students who come on a weekly basis.

   Jameson Morgan, senior said, “Good food and good fellowship.”

   Opportunities in FCA help to meet new people and to learn new things. One reason why people did not come to FCA as often, is because it used to be before school. Now after some discussion, they have changed it to Monday ELT so that more people can make it.

   When it comes to more clubs that have been featured on the front page, there are opportunities for some people, but they might not be for everyone. Mock Trial is an opportunity for people who would like to go into law school to be a lawyer.

   Roy Thorson, senior, said, “You get to gain confidence as a person and in public speaking in a fun way without trying to attain your end goal.” He has aspirations to be a lawyer for a very long time. He said that it has helped him grasp what it would be like to be a lawyer. Mock Trial would be a good way to get over fear of public speaking. 

   For those who may not be that interested in this career path, other clubs offer opportunities to explore varied interests. 

   In Garden Club people learn how to maintain and care for plants, and learn about diseases that could be affecting them and generally care for them.

   “You get to meet more people who share your interests in plants, and to learn new knowledge, 

cause I don’t know about you but I haven’t met anyone who’s a master at everything.” Catherine Dozer, senior, said. 

   In Garden Club students learn how to keep plants alive and different skills such as learning about 

irrigation systems and that could help if people plan on being farmers, and how to maintain them and that wont hurt in the future for college, so if they are low on money they don’t have to have a deep breath of air for breakfast. 

   In FCA people learn to be better leaders and athletes, clubs such as FCA and WIHA both offer opportunity for exercise and physical activity to unwind people. In WIHA specifically horses are a different type of therapeutic animal to help relieve stress and a way to get away from others as well if people need a break. In FCA people can find fellowship among others, in Mock Trial people can get experience for the future, in Garden Club people can find a way to maintain a good source of food when older, and WIHA people can obtain new experiences.