Stick with the parking sticker

Chue Yee Yang, Reporter

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 Students who want to park the DC Everest Senior High School requires students to buy parking stickers to be able to park in the school parking lot.

    Students can buy parking stickers at the main office for 40 dollars, with an additional two dollar fee for a second parking sticker.

    “To get a second sticker is only two dollars, so it’s not like you get charge another 40 dollars for another vehicle. So for 42 dollars, it’s pretty cheap,” said Liaison Officer Frank Wierzbackowski.

    As Officer Frank patrols the school parking lot, for those who don’t buy parking stickers he will give “a citation for 25 dollars, which you will still need to buy your parking sticker of 40, which will cost you up to 65 dollars,” said Frank.

    A first citation from Officer Frank are 25 dollars, but it doesn’t stop with just one ticket. The next time a student is caught without a parking sticker result in another ticket of 25 dollars. They can continue to receive tickets from Officer Frank until they buy a parking sticker. It is a requirement to buy a parking sticker as the money is being used for parking lot maintenance.

    “Every year the money goes back into maintaining and up keeping the parking lot, whether it is plowing the parking lot, paving it or getting it painted, there’s maintenance that is involved in that,” said Officer Frank.

   Maintaining the school parking lot does take money, and by having the students buy parking stickers, the district is able to pay for parking lot maintenance. Without maintenance, students won’t have a maintained lot to park, and an unplowed lot during the winter.

   Students are also concerned about paint peel from the parking stickers when they peel it off their bumpers. Which is causing students to not want to buy parking stickers or stick it onto their bumpers. 

   Officer Frank said that students are allowed to “also put them in the back window, students can put it on the outside of the back window, and they’re easy to take off then and won’t peel any paint.” 

   Parking stickers don’t have to be placed in any particular spots such as the bumper, it is allowed to be placed on the rear windshield. As some students are afraid of paint peel, they can  put it on the rear windshield as long as it is visible.

   Every year the color of the parking stickers also change. The color change let’s Officer Frank know that color goes with the year it is bought. 

   Frank said “I’m not particular as far as the bumper as long as they are visible from the rear window. I’m pretty flexible with students as long as they get their stickers.”