Meet Mrs. Hannah Brockman, Teacher

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Meet Mrs. Hannah Brockman, Teacher

Khiana Bradshaw, Reporter

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Mrs. Hannah Brockman is an English teacher in room 314. After Mrs. Brenda Grosskreuts retired she was hired in her place. 

   This is Brockman’s first year teaching. She got her teaching degree from Concordia University, Wisconsin.

   She chose to teach at Everest because the location was convenient and the district has a very positive reputation. 

   After working as a counselor for several years, Brockman had decided to start teaching.

   “I enjoyed working with and teaching youth, so being a teacher seemed like a pretty good fit,” Brockman said.

   Brockman’s goals are to grow in efficiency and confidence, as well as gain experience and learn from the rest of the teachers. She would also like to be able to find her way around the school.

   “I think it would be awesome to teach at the collegiate level someday,” Brockman said. 

   She also plans to pursue a Master’s degree, but she is not sure what for yet. 

   Brockman’s outside life is very busy. In the last four months she had graduated college, gotten married, moved across the state, and started her first “real” job as a teacher here at Everest.

   “It’s a lot of adjusting and settling in,” Brockman said.

   Brockman’s hobbies include cooking, hiking, reading, playing her ukulele, hammocking and playing board games with her husband. She also loves spending time outside.