Meet Mr. Brandon Stremkowski, Teacher

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Meet Mr. Brandon Stremkowski, Teacher

Khiana Bradshaw, Reporter

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   Mr. Brandon Stremkowski is a traveling teacher. If you want to meet him, his main “office” is Room 233, but he can be found in other rooms.

   Last year, Stremkowski taught Special Education at the DC Everest Junior High. He has also taught at SPASH and Horace Mann Middle. He received his Mathematics Education degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, and his Special Education license from CESA 6, and his administration master’s degree from Concordia University. 

   He chose to teach at Everest because both he and his wife had gone to and taught at SPASH.

   “Everest is simply the best,” he said.

   Stremkowski also knew that he wanted to coach sports and he really enjoyed helping people. 

   “I was decent enough at math that I knew I could help struggling students in an area where students might not be naturally excited about,” Stremkowski said.

   His goal is to simply play a part of the amazing tame and culture at Everest. 

  “There is such great trust in this school that in incredibly unique,” Stremkowski said.

   Stremkowski has two toddlers, and in his outside life he is a foster parent. He has a church family that he and his own family are close to, and he enjoys time creating memories. He enjoys growing and learning in Christ at his church, he loves everything Wisconsin Sports, and everything Disney.