Referendum planning reaches majority completion

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Referendum planning reaches majority completion

Breanna Narlock, Editor-in-Chief

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  Referendum planning is at a headway with 95 percent completion. Members of the committee met recently to discuss finalizations within the projects at the DC Everest Senior High School.
  Having 95 percent of the planning complete mean the schematics for a majority of the school including the front entrance and placement of the new elevator are mapped out.
    Schools across the district are in many different stages of development, the eight new classrooms added on at the DC Everest Senior High are an example of the new look and expansion beginning to spread across the district.
  Students can see the work being done on the school throughout the first semester as the Tech. Ed. Department is being renovated.
  “We should be fully moved into the Tech. Ed. Department by the second semester. We want to bring those community members in and celebrate all their help and making this happen for kids,” said Mr. Micheal Raether, Principal of the DC Everest Senior High School.
  Official classes start at the beginning of the second semester, while showing will take place a couple weeks after.
  “Starting in the spring we will begin the front office, that work will not disturb school during the school day.  It will be outside the front office area and inside the front entrance area.” Said Mr. Raether. “Following that work we will begin on the main office and eventually adding in the new elevator.”
  With the new elevator the handicap parking spots will be more accessible and students and staff will not have to travel across the building to use the elevator.
  “We will also be doing more lighting. Part of this referendum work will be to replace all of the lighting into LED, so this [next] summer we will be redoing all the ceiling tiles so instead of having 4 by 2’s we will be having 2 by 2’s. All lights will then be changed to LED and there will be some air conditioning components as well,” said Mr. Raether.
  Renovations to come within the next summer of 2021  will lead to the conclusion of renovations at the DC Everest Senior High School.
  “In the following summer, so the summer of 2021 we will be doing air conditioning in the gym so adding air conditioning, and redoing HVAC and a face lift to the locker rooms.” Said Mr. Raether. “The lighting and ceiling tiles will then be replaced also in the summer of 2021 and be then we should be concluding our referendum updates.”