Homecoming voting system explored

Wendy Vang and Caitlin Grisham

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       D.C Everest Senior High students had the opportunity to vote for the Homecoming theme through emails Student Council sent out. Students have had conflicted feelings about the voting system, not quite understanding how it worked, and how decisions were made.

       The theme this year is Disney. Sophomores selected “Finding Nemo”, juniors took “Lion King”, and seniors chose “Toy Story”. 

        A sophomore who asked to remain anonymous said, “It was over simplified to the point where it was confusing,” in regards to how the voting system worked.

        However, Student Council President Will Vraney clarified how the voting system operated and how they sent out the voting. He said that all emails were sent out through Infinite Campus to all students, and that each choice had the same amount of weight.

      If a student voted for “Ariel” and “Lion King” both choices would have recorded the same voting percentage. It would be a majority vote for however many students voted for a choice in their grade.

   “Every student should be receiving emails through Infinite Campus about student events. For example, voting for Prom King and Queen will be sent out later in the year for all junior. If you are a junior and do not receive these emails when other juniors do, talk to your counselor.” He said also noting that student counsel does not run Prom.

        Abbie Saari, senior said, “The first time I got four emails. I just used the last one thinking it would work best. Them the second round I got two different emails and only one worked. Then the last round on September 30th around 10 a.m. the last email was pushed out, but only have until three p.m. to vote.” 

     Saari said she felt dissatisfied with how chaotic the system felt, but said that although the system was set up well, it became quite chaotic having to deal with so many emails.