Jake Masanz’s Food Review

Sadie West and Max Tiffany

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A rising Snapchat star has started their own show as a food critic.

Jake Masanz, D.C. Everest sophomore, started Food Review when his friend Matthew Westphal reviewed his Chick-Fil-A one day. He posted on March 28, 2019 at Culver’s.

“When I eat a food, or more like [an] edible object, I rank it on a tier system on one to ten,” Masanz said. “So I have low tier, mid tier, high tier, and top tier. Low tier is anywhere from one to four ‘cause I haven’t measured it out that well. Mid tier is like five to seven. High tier is seven to nine. Top tier is ten, maybe nine.”

Masanz often takes suggestions about what to rate next for his newest episode. However, sometimes he will put a suggestion to the side, as he might not want to do it quite yet, or to avoid it for as long as possible.

One of his most popular Food Review episodes was when he was at home trying his shower water.

 “One time I was taking a shower, thinking of stuff for food review and I was like, ‘What about the shower water?” Masanz said. “So I put on some clothes, and then I started recording, and I was like, ‘Alright, we’re gonna drink shower water.”

Masanz doesn’t think that he will ever end Food Review, but he does hope it becomes bigger, especially for those who want a good laugh or those who want to escape reality for a minute.

Co-founder, Westphal said, “It’s just something that’s fun to watch and it’ll brighten up your day. Younger aged [people] would find it funnier.”

Many students around the school enjoy watching Masanz’s food review. They are excited for each episode to come around.

Felicia Princl, Sophomore said, “I try to watch every single time he posts. It’s entertaining but they’re really short. I think if he made them longer and there was more dialogue it’d be more entertaining to watch but I still love them because Jake is really funny.” 

Jake Masanz can be found on Snapchat @jakemasanz.