Spring sports summaries

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  As spring sports come to a close, senior Brady Sendelbach reflects on his last season as an Evergreen, after playing Everest baseball for almost 14 years.

  “Next year I will be going to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and I will be playing baseball,” said Sendelbach. “I am really excited for the opportunity to play for such a great team and meet all of my teammates. It’s going to be a great challenge that I look forward to.”

  This season has been a challenge because there were only three returning starters from last year.

  “Because we didn’t have a lot of experience it has taken a while to come together and play well as a team. We are making progress and hope to put up a showing for playoffs,” said Sendelbach.

  Sendelbach recalls his most memorable game, last season in the regional final against Bayport.

  “We were the 5 seed playing the 3 so we were expected to lose but had this amazing energy and came out and won 13-1 to make it to the sectional for the second straight year.”

  Looking forward, sophomore Landon Mezei says next season will be “more serious,” because there will be fewer upperclassmen in comparison to this season’s eight seniors.

  “It’ll be tougher because we’ll obviously have less older people so most people on varsity next year will have only played a little bit on varsity or have not at all,” said Mezei.



This year marks the end of another season for the boys’ tennis team. Brayton Herwig, senior player on the D.C. Everest boys’ tennis team, reflects on it.

   “This has been my favorite tennis season so far,” Herwig said.

   One of the strengths of this season were that there were many young players. However, a weakness was that there were only thirteen people on the team. Herwig guesses that about seventeen seniors graduated from the team last year.

   The team placed 5th in the Wausau Valley Conference with a total of 45 points— 22 in the dual meet and 23 in the WVC meet.

   The most memorable moment of this season for Herwig was being voted team captain. “I had the honor of being voted team captain,” Herwig said. “It was really cool.”

   Herwig will be graduating high school this year, and he says he is going to miss the boys on the tennis team. “I feel like we’re all really good friends with each other,” he said.

Will Vraney did not respond to a request for an interview


 As the school year winds down and spring sports come to a close, two lacrosse players look back on the season thus far.

  Despite only being his first year playing lacrosse, Hunter Goretski, senior, said, “ It’s definitely the most interesting sport I’ve ever played. The amount of dedication it takes to play the sport is immense, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

  With any sport, there are ups and downs of every season.

“We played teams that had a lot of kids,” said Goretski. “A lot of our kids are new so they don’t have the experience that other teams do, so that kind of brought us down.”

  Sophomore Gabe Simpson also reflected on some lower points in the season: “We won our first two games, and lost the rest of them.”

  With things not always going as planned, there is no lack of sportsmanship and strength as a team, and it being his first and last year on the team, Goretski thinks about what he will miss after graduation.

  “Definitely the good times we have, the practice, having fun with all the coaches, the games, basically everything actually,” said Goretski.

  For Simpson, growing as a team is a priority for the following years.

  “I just want to get better as a team and work better together,” said Simpson.


  As a second year sport, girls rugby is finding some traction.

  Abby Dingle, junior, is a second year player on the girls rugby team. Dingle thinks that the sport that she is playing isn’t as appreciated as other sports.

  It’s a small team, so everybody has more than one role. The boys and girls teams practice together at Kennedy Park, 4 times a week.

  Nalik Trupp is the rugby coach, she started playing rugby because she wanted to find a new sport after playing soccer. Her husband pushed her, also because he had been captain of the Michigan Tech rugby team.

  “As for coaching rugby, this sport has helped me so much in overcoming fears and my own insecurities that I am driven to pass this on to the next generation of ruggers,” said Trupp.

  She thinks that people are nervous if not scared to play rugby.

  “I especially love coaching high school girls rugby because I remember how hard of a time it was for girls at this age and how easy is to feel insecure,” said Trupp.

  Part of the rugby tradition includes a social dinner after each game, where the home team hosts the away team.

  The rugby team will also play the PromBall, that is a ‘just for fun’ version of rugby where the players and coaches wear prom dresses and play rugby.


Chemistry is something which all teams foster, but no team may do it better than the Soccer team. Between their discussions on long bus rides, overnight stays or pasta parties, the girls are always together.

   “We always have great times together, no matter what we are doing,” said Meghan Heil, senior Midfielder for the Evergreens. Working out together, indoor soccer and long trips together, all contribute to the relationship that the girls form.

This relationship may contribute to the on-field success the girls seem to have. Communication enables them to play in such an aggressive style.  “We have the goal every game of communicating better,” said Lauren Langbehn, junior Midfielder.

Goals have helped propel the Evergreens to 7 straight conference championships and state championships in 2015 as well runner up in 2014.  The team does not allow this success to get their head, instead of on focusing on what is next.

“We don’t really pay attention to what happening off the field, or in the stands during the games,” said Maddie Simpson, junior Forward for the Evergreens. The focus which the girls have on the field, which comes from years of playing together.

Many of the members on the team have played soccer for 10 plus years, many of them more. Additionally, many of these girls are playing soccer in recreational leagues and AAU.

But what truly creates their success is their character and positive attitude that the girls have, allowing them to battle through any obstacles that they face the girls have.

“We are really luck [as a coaching staff] to have such wonderful girls who make coaching them easy,” said Coach Kollross. Such an excellent group of young girls allows them to set high postseason goals. First, they have eyes on their 8th straight conference championship, which they will secure if they win or draw one of their two conference games. They then have the goal of making it to state.

One group essential to any high school teams title dreams are the seniors. The members of the class of 2019 are Meghan Heil, Keta Oettinger, Olivia Fernstaedt, Dakota Corallo and Gabby Anderson are all enjoying their final year as Evergreens.  The senior class wishes the best luck to the underclassmen, as well as thanks for their parents and all the fans for the years of support.

“I just hope that the team always remains emotionally close, as it’s important for their success,” said Oettinger, Defender for the Evergreens.

The team would also like to thank their Manager Kate Boersma, and Braxton for their support and continual enthusiasm.


  A swift end is coming to the 2019 softball season, and two players reflect on a successful season and what was most memorable about their time shared as one team.

   Sophomore Cassidy Eckes spent her first year on the varsity team watching the team grow together and improve on skills such as hitting and getting on bases.

  The team has won 7 games and lost 4, with a total of 53 runs; Eckes remains optimistic that they have a good track for the state competition.

  Senior Lauren Witucki highlights the best moment of the season, “The most memorable moment was the time one of our outfielders went completely over the fence trying to catch something”

 Both team members agreed that the season was going well and they had a lot of success, and prooved a lot of people wrong.

  “No one really expected us to be any good, so we’ve started proving everyone wrong, we just lost a conference title, but we’ve really been proving that we aren’t bad.” Said Witucki.

  The team plans on improving on simple errors and helping the younger team members with less Varsity time gain experience for upcoming seasons.

  Eckes reflects on her time spent bonding with her team at pasta parties and says that bonding brings them closer together as a team.

  “ I think I’m gonna miss the team the most, like the people individually, we’ve like developed strong bonds and such over the years, I am really gonna miss them,” said Witucki


 With the 2018-19 school year coming to an end, two seniors from the D.C. Everest Boys Golf Team give their outlook on the season and how the season went for them and the team.

  Chad Rockteschel, a senior, said he enjoyed golfing four to five days a week while he was on the Golf Team.

  “The team has been very successful this year,” said Rockteschel.

  Rocktaschel said that all of the games were memorable in someway, by having the whole team work their hardest and just have fun doing it.

  “Because there is only five of us on the Varsity Team, we grow closer to each other, and we just give each other a lot of crap,” said senior Samuel Hagedorn. “It’s a lot of fun.”

  Hagedorn said, from his point of view on the team, the 2017-18 season did not go very well for him, and he could see a major improvement from that this year.

  “This year, I wanted to finish Top Ten,” said Hagedorn. “Currently I am sixth, and I have been playing really well, which surprises me.”

  Hagedorn said looking at the team they have improved over the course of the season, and with one more conference left, he is excited to see the results.

  “We are a half credit ahead of SPASH, in the conference standings. As long as we stay in the standing, that will be the first time in thirty years,” said Hagedorn.

The Varsity Boys Golf Team placed first in the conference meet Friday, May, 17.


    With the Boys and Girls Track Season closing up, graduating senior Lauren Rothamer of Girls Track shared her feeling and reflections on the season along with graduation senior, Herbert Richardson.

      The track season itself starts off indoors due to poor weather, but as the snow melts away and the ground is no longer wet, the track team is able to make there way outside.

  “It [the season] starts off in early spring but there is still snow everywhere, and it makes the ground all mushy. But that feeling of being able to go from being indoor to outdoor is indescribable, you kinda just have to be on track to understand it,” said Rothamer.

Rothamer talks about all the time and effort has been put into practices, and the events themselves. The countless hours put into perfecting your performance and then rush you get from actually doing it.

   “I think overall I’m really proud of the team ‘cause of all the people coming on. I’m really glad I got to share one year, especially with the freshmen,” said Rothamer.

  For the first time since before her first year, D.C. Everest won the City Meet “ which I am very proud of, which is mostly due to all the hard work that was put in,” said Rothamer.

  For many seniors, this is the end of their track career. Richardson reflects back on his growth with the team and the overall aesthetic of the team.

  “Track was amazing this year, getting to work with the freshman and just see the growth of the team and all the potential in the years to come. My track season ended early but it was an amazing experience and a great team,” said Richardson.