Grades will move from Powerschool to new app

Alli Heckert, Reporter

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  Along with hundreds of schools and colleges nationwide, D.C. Everest schools will be switching online grading platforms in the upcoming school year. The transition from Powerschool Learning to Canvas Learning Management Systems will take place starting next fall.

  Over the few years the school used Powerschool Learning, several complaints and issues have been reported, such as grades missing, grade misrepresentation, and confusion on the student/parent end.

  Mr. Andrew Natzke, a math teacher in the high school, said “The biggest problem is the lack of having a consistent program for parents and students and teachers.”

  D.C. Everest does not have one strict grading platform, and several different programs are used by teachers to compute grades. Systems such as Powerschool, Infinite Campus, and Google Classroom are all being used simultaneously, and many students agree with the confusion between the platforms.

  Senior Kylie Thompson shared that she was aware of the switch next year and shares her frustrations with the malfunctions of Powerschool.

   “I think it will be a positive change. It will be better to have everything on one platform rather than teachers loading grades onto different [platforms]” she said.

 Samuel Shern,  junior, told of times where his grades would not be updated or assignments were missing and they would reflect inaccurately on the grade he was earning. He was not aware that the school was switching to Canvas but hopes that it will fix the issues he encountered with the previous grading system.

  Like Shern, sophomore Samantha Hansen was not aware of the switch in grading platforms.

   “I think my parents understand my grades and how to log in because I showed them” said Hansen. She also said that she did not experience similar problems like Thompson and Shern have experienced.

  With the new change, comes new teacher training and tinkering with yet another grading system. Mr. Mark Schommer, a teacher on the committee that is spearheading the arrival of Canvas, said that there has been a few overall gatherings with the faculty and had professional development on, but many happen on a department setting and subject basis.

  Mr. Natzke says that the change is important because Powerschool is not the most user friendly learning management system for kids and parents to understand the students academic progress.

 “We want to get one system for parents and students, right now we two separate systems, you see your final grade in Infinite Campus, you see your grades daily in Powerschool, it’s just kind of this mess and it’s confusing for all parties, so we want to fix that,” said Schommer.