Student Council works for you

Morgan Koehler, Reporter

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  D.C. Everest Senior High Student Council has a hand in almost all fundraisers and events held at school. From bake sales to blood drives to Homecoming activities, and even Fun Day, they have a lot of duties and responsibilities that come along with planning those events.

  The Multiple Sclerosis Walk and the food pantry fundraisers is largely thanks to them. Student Council sponsors events and visitors as well, like the hypnotist that came earlier this year. They also donate to the community.

   The Student Council body decides things based on whether or not it will be beneficial for the students of the school.

   Mrs. Oosterhuis, a co-advisor of Student Council explained that their goal is to help out the community.

  Council members meet as a class on the last hour of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A student can talk to any of the members about something, and they will cover it in one of the following meetings and bring it to a vote. They also sometimes put out surveys for the student body to respond to.

   However, the D.C. Everest Student Council is not very traditional. The main thing they do that strays from most student councils is the fact that they don’t hold elections for new members.

  “The reason we don’t hold elections is because we want to be more inclusive,” Mrs. Oosterhuis said.

  By letting anyone with an interest in student council join, they have more diversity in opinion and are more inclusive.

   Will Vraney is Vice President of Student Council and has been involved in student council since he was in seventh grade. “We appreciate diversity, and we appreciate not having a popularity contest,” he said. “We have an open, welcoming environment at Student Council because no one is singled out.” Board members are elected by Student Council rather than the whole school.

   Allison Heckert is one of the senior members of Student Council. She has been participating in student council for three years now, and she helps with leadership and committee work. Heckert also helps mentor the newer members.

   “Last year, we only had fourteen people,” said Heckert. “Now we have thirty members.” About twelve are graduating seniors, three are juniors, and the rest are sophomores. One of the advisors of Student Council, Mrs. Grosskreutz, is retiring this year, so Mrs. Oosterhuis will be the only advisor next year. There will be a new board member next year, however.

   Any possible changes in Student Council for next year is yet to be determined.

      “We don’t have any intentions to change, but we always change every year in very unexpected ways that are brought up by our members to meet the needs of the students,” said Vraney.

   “Student Council is a way for all kinds of students to participate in ways to benefit our school and student body,” said Vraney.

   Student Council does a lot to help the student body of D.C. Everest Senior High and the community overall. Any changes that will be made will be made to better benefit the student body and the community.