Local band to play Summerfest


Alli Heckert, Reporter

   Urban Rhode, a local band made up of Tristan Carlson, Quinn Dalton, Eli Nedden, and early graduate Aaron Bates, will be performing at Summerfest this year.  The group submitted an audition to the statewide competition Rockonsin, qualified for the state finals, and won equipment for their band.

  Bands across Wisconsin from grades 7 through 12 submitted auditions through the Rockonsin websites, where the top 12 bands would qualify and move onto the state finals.

  Comprised of a group of friends, Urban Rhode’s ultimate motivation is spending time together and music.

  The group started getting together in winter of 2017, and spent most of their time “jamming out with the guys” said Carlson.

   A gradual transition from hangouts to band practices, they still describe their time as light hearted and fun.

  “I still wouldn’t say it’s serious at all, but really it’s a just us being ourselves,” said Dalton.

  Urban Rhode auditioned with the song “Take It Easy” by 1970’s rock band, The Eagles. Nedden said that the band has approximately 25 songs they have put together as a group, and “Take It Easy” is one of the favorites.  They recorded a video submission originally for the Variety Show auditions, but then Dalton urged the other members to submit it to Rockonsin.

  Aside from the upcoming gig at Summerfest, they recently played at Newman Catholic High School. Paying for around 250 people, Nedden said that had been their biggest show to date.

 “Anything with music now, we have been doing this for so long, we aren’t really affected by nerves anymore,” Nedden said. However, Carlson admitted he still was slightly nervous in anticipation for the next level of the competition.

  With the group being made up entirely of seniors, Urban Rhode faces some challenges after this summer. Bates, Carlson, and Nedden plan on staying close to home this upcoming fall, but Dalton will be attending University of Wisconsin Platteville. Despite the distance, Dalton plans on coming home often to play music and see his friends

  Until this fall, the group plans to have fun and play together as much as they can.

  Further information on Urban Rhode’s set at Summerfest will be posted on their Facebook page said the band.

  Band member Aaron Bates was unable to be interviewed due to graduating at semester.