My insight into a teacher and his blog

Breanna Narlock, Editor

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  One of the most philosophical, insightful, and overall wonderful teachers to have at the D.C. Everest Senior High School is Mr. Michael Soehl.

  As an English and Social Studies teacher he has a deeper understanding for writing. He has a passion for helping students learn and building great connections with them.

  “The Forest for the Trees” is the title of his blog.  It is relatable to the school with the idea that we as a school are the Evergreens. I think the meaning behind it is meant to be nurturing and to give criticism to the school and to advocate for students.

  Mr.Soehl’s blog is not only satirical and comedic,but it is also written with passion and raw emotion. The realism within the writing highlights his strong suits as a teacher and dedication to his work and thinking process.

  As he stated in his article entitled “Am I an “Administrator Hater”?” “On the other hand, I felt then, as I do now, that questioning ideas and challenging actions is the best way to ensure right thinking and right action.”

  His methods talking to administrators were not done in ill intent, but were also not the most appropriate or effective way, which he does acknowledge in the article, but with the idea of “challenging actions” in mind one could say his actions may have been justified, and it seems clearly here he is fighting for what is right.

  Soehl’s blog covers many topics, from personal experiences with his student teacher to his class Innovation and Creation. His variety of content explores his thoughts on school related topics and the everyday experiences as a “Northwoods teacher” as he calls it.

  Within his latest article, he talks about the need for performing arts in school. Along with that he writes about the publication of Point of Convergence and how many different pieces from around the school including work from the art department are important, and that overall all “artistic” programs are important.

   Reading his blog, I believe it is of great importance for all students and administrators to read due to its rich information and the strong advocacy Mr.Soehl shows for his students.